Dyslexia and Adults

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Left uncorrected dyslexia can affect one’s ability to thrive in high school, college and their career. Adults with dyslexia often find themselves struggling to find the right word to describe common objects, get lost easily and have trouble focusing on everyday tasks. Foundations can treat dyslexia at any age and our practitioners have tutoring options available to meet the needs of college students and adults with busy jobs and family obligations.

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*Excerpts from ABCs of Dyslexia, Common Signs Preschool though College: The International Dyslexia Association and Warning Signs of Dyslexia: Bright Solutions for Dyslexia.

Warning signs for dyslexia for high school students through adults*

  • History with any of the childhood warning signs
  • Difficulty spelling
  • Limited, inadequate vocabulary
  • Avoids writing, difficulty putting thoughts on paper
  • Difficulty answering open-ended questions in conversation and on tests
  • Poor memory skills
  • Poor grades
  • Difficulty completing assignments
  • Still confuses left and right
  • Gets lost easily, even in familiar settings
  • Drops out of high school or college
  • Slow reader with many inaccuracies, slow to comprehend reading
  • Unable to keep steady employment
  • Difficulty with reading music or learning a foreign language