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Build your child’s foundation for learning — watch the transformation begin.

Foundations Dyslexia & Learning Centers specialize in the diagnosis, tutoring and treatment of dyslexia for children, teens and adults. Our clinical approach provides the most accurate diagnosis and prescribed plan for treatment to develop that successful reader, student and lifelong learner.

Our dyslexia specialists are licensed psychologists with more than 30 years of combined experience in learning and developmental disorders. Foundations’ tutors use the Barton Reading & Spelling System, an internationally recognized program for the treatment of dyslexia, which is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. With our individualized teaching techniques in reading, spelling and writing, we meet the needs of each student and work to cultivate their natural talents.

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Our Services

  • Consultation

    Foundations’ dyslexia specialists will determine if an individual fits the classic dyslexia profile by reviewing all educational records, previous psychological and/or psycho-educational evaluation results, and conducting an in-person interview.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation

    This level of evaluation may be needed if an individual has never had a psycho-educational evaluation, if an evaluation was completed more than two years ago, if ADHD is suspected, or if there is a history of any developmental delays, medical complications, or any other unusual factors that may interfere with an individual’s ability to learn.

  • Tutoring

    Tutoring is available for children and adults after consultation, screening and/or evaluations have been completed.

  • Additional Consultation

    Foundations offers additional consultation to help children and parents prepare for meetings with teachers and to provide additional education to individuals or to family members as needed.

  • Progress Monitoring 

    Foundations may conduct progress monitoring at any time an individual using our services would like an updated evaluation regarding current achievement levels.  A summary of the findings will be presented.

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Jill A. Christopher, Psy.D., HSPP

Dr. Jill A. Christopher is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Seymour, Indiana specializing in psychological evaluations for children, adolescents and adults.
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Dawn A. Doup, Psy.D., HSPP

Dr. Dawn A. Doup is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Registered Family Relations Mediator in Columbus, Indiana with a focus on individual and family therapy as well as psychological evaluations for children, adolescents and adults.
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Dawn H. Lindeman, Ph.D., NCC, HSPP

Dr. Dawn H. Lindeman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Nationally Certified Counselor in Bloomington, Indiana specializing in working with children and families as well as psychological evaluations for children, adolescents and adults.
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